Shadows from the sun
Forest with a woman. Cover image for the book 'Shadows from the sun'


What if you stumbled upon a present-day Eden where there had been no Adam and Eve, where people lived perfect lives without the shadow of sin and guilt? What if you then had to watch in horror as this Paradise was slowly destroyed, not knowing if you were the one to blame? 

Ryan Farraday is a Canadian army veteran hired to protect a gold mining venture in the remote mountains of British Columbia. Unfortunately, he is more interested in seducing the site manager’s wife, Elizabeth Malone, than in the safety of the operation. 

Ryan’s negligence has deadly consequences for him and the project’s management team. When their work crew rebels, they are overwhelmed and left to die. The group wanders without direction until they are saved by a Native Indian people as colorless as angels living in a land without sin. The outsiders remain distrustful, refusing to believe that such goodness could ever exist without some darker purpose. 

Elizabeth especially thinks it’s all a sham. She is disgusted by the people’s colorless skin and she despises Lunara above all, a Native woman whose grace and purity increasingly attract Ryan’s attention. 

When reports of rape and murder surface, Ryan must determine if such a perfect society has been a hoax all along or if some outside evil has attacked a defenseless land. Hardest to accept is the possibility that this ideal world is being destroyed—by himself.

John Gargrave


John Gargrave’s passions in life surfaced early. The first birthday wish he can remember was for a tricycle and a pen. Traveling and writing were already hard-wired in his soul. A fantasy story written at the age of six was dismissed by his teacher because she thought he had copied it from a children’s book. It was, in fact, a John original.

At the age of seven, John and his family emigrated from England to Canada. Following a brief attempt at living in California, the Gargraves finally settled in Toronto where he completed his education with an honors BA at the University of Toronto. Even there, John’s penchant for roaming showed itself. Two years after enrolling in an English Language and Literature program, he jumped to a curriculum in Classics (Greek, Latin, classical history and philosophy) because it offered more of a challenge. Perhaps Homer’s Odyssey inspired his move.

He “kept scribbling” as he entered the adult world, holding a variety of managerial positions in manufacturing, as well as importing and exporting, before owning a number of rental properties. At one point, he took a year-long sabbatical through Europe to absorb the various cultures, languages and experiences, seeds for his continued writing. Finally a lengthy stint of conducting coach and rail tours through Europe and Canada consolidated his literary direction.

John is now able to concentrate wholly on his novels and short stories. He spends his time between Toronto, Ontario and Knoxville, Tennessee, because his partner, a southern gal, is allergic to Canadian winters.


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